PicoAPRS V4 Downloads

Please update the software of your PicoAPRS V4 via the Devices menu

Changelog for PicoAPRS V4 Firmware:

Version 7 - 03.02.2023
-NEW: Charging screen in power off state
-Updated VHF-modem firmware to version 12
-Improved packet decoding
-Bugfix: Reduced current consumption in power off state
-Bugfix: Time offset with negative values don't work properly (please set your time offset again after this update)
-Change: Removed "Local time" text on main screen. Now it will only show "UTC" if no time offset is defined

Version 6 - 20.01.2023
-NEW: Time offset for clock (now you can show local time instead UTC).
-NEW: Last heard before "hh:mm:ss" when you select "OPEN" a station or follow the station. Time is updated as soon as a new packet is received from this station
-NEW: Backup (via file download) and restore (upload the file back) your frequency memory via "Web Config". You can make different backups for different regions and replace them easily
-Change: Improved AFSK signal decoding

Version 5 - 11.01.2023, more than 60 changes to previous version! Some of them are:
-Change: New design of virtual buttons
-Change: Removed fonts with serif for better readability.
-Change: less button delay
-Change: Disabled of packet decoding in TNC mode (will not shown on PicoAPRS screen)
-Change: Increased AX25 buffer frame size from 180 bytes to 530 bytes
-Change: faster LCD refresh rate
-Change: Extended the password field for your WiFi password from 30 characters to 60
-Change: Swapped the "Settings" icon with "SOS" icon
-Change: BT will now disable after 4 minutes instead of one minute
-Change: Send unacknowledged messages again at a random second instead of second '0' to avoid collisions with other radios doing the same.
-NEW: Added status and comment edit field to webconfig
-NEW: "Busy Data Channel Detection" (BDCD)
-NEW: TX delay after receiving a packet
-Bugfix: Removed SSID 0 from QR code of received stations
-Bugfix: Frequencies out of a step from 0.1250 MHz can not entered in web interface (now 0.0005MHz steps allowed)
-Bugfix: AX.25 paackets with less than 18 bytes was dropped.
-Bugfix: Menu GPS Satellites does not sow outdated information now
-Updated VHF-modem firmware to version 10
-Internal memory usage optimized
-Overall smoother user interface
-And a lot of small other changes and improvements

Version 4 - 27.12.2022

Version 3 - 26.12.2022
-Bugfixes and improvements
-NEW: added volume 0 (mute)

Version 2 - 20.12.2022
-Bugfixes and new features