PicoAPRS V4 Downloads

Belt holder / bracket 3D STL file for PicoAPRS V4 (Version 08. November 2023)
Download for free and print yourself with a 3D printer
WARNING: The 3D construction file for printing out the bracket is made available free of charge.
Any liability for damage caused by the use of the bracket is excluded.

Klick here to download 3D STL file
This holder was designed by Tim Rauhut, DL2DMC

Please update the software of your PicoAPRS V4 via the Devices menu

Changelog for PicoAPRS V4 Firmware:

Version 21 - 11.05.2024
-Added menu for internal AFSK RX volume setting for finetuning of RX performance
-Added menu for factory reset.
-Added countdown for emergency call

Version 20 - 27.04.2024
-some bugfixes and improvements

Version 19 - 01.03.2024
-bugfix: improved APRS packet decoding in "iGate" and "Fill in Digi" mode.
-some small improvements

Version 18 - 10.01.2024
-Added more special characters to the virtual keyboard..
-bugfix buffer overflow when receiving very long packets

Version 17 - 30.10.2023
-New: New GPS screen with different GPS coordinate formats.
-Various bugfixes and improvements

Version 16
not public version

Version 15 - 06.09.2023
-Bugfix: If you ended your own callsign with a "-", your callsign was not saved in the internal memory.

Version 14 - 20.07.2023
-New: Key lock function to avoid unwanted key operation
-Bugfix: Wrong distance in "Last heard" station list
-Bugfix: Icon in "Last heard" was always a "house" icon.
-Bugfix: Fill-In Digi has repeated some packages which should not be repeated.
-Bugfix: Fill-In Digi has repeated some text from pacet recevied before.
-Improvement: Fill-In Digi - added a delay between receiving and retransmitting a packet.

Version 13 - 27.06.2023
-New: RX frequency extended to 136 MHz - 174 MHz.
-Change: Bigger frequency display in TNC mode. Removed own callsign from screen in TNC mode (useless in this mode).
-Change: No battery measurement while transmittig to prevent "jumping" battery state.
-Change: No start tone if you disable keypress beep in menu.
-Change: prevent transmitting of status message on startup when TX intervall is set to OFF.
-Change: Setting "RX APRS IS" (from internet) will saved to internal memory and restored again after power cycle.
Version 12 - 13.05.2023
-New: TNC frequerncy can now changed from the used app. Implemented only in RadioMailĀ® App for now. See how it works on Youtube
-Bugfix: Some third party packets (forwarded to RF by igates) could cause your PicoAPRS to reboot.

Version 11 - 24.04.2023
-New: The received stations as well as sent and received text messages are no longer deleted after switching off and on again.
-Decimal point instead of a comma in the CTCSS/DCS tones

Version 10 - 01.04.2023
-Change: BT will not "time out" (powersave) if an USB power source is connected.
-Change: Much faster button response if you release the button between two actions.
-Change: Some optimization for TNC usage.
-Some other small improvements and bugfixes

Version 9 - 25.02.2023
-Bugfix: Some devices can't detect the radio module with version 8

Version 8 - 16.02.2023
-NEW: Added BT Low Energy (BLE) to TNC mode. Now you can connect your PicoAPRS V4 with an iOSĀ® device. Tested wirh "APRS.fi" App and "RadioMail" App.
-NEW: Progress bar on update screen (you will see that on the next update)
-NEW: SET (right) button in TNC mode allows you to set an different frequency for TNC mode.
-Bugfix: Automatic shutdown with empty battery was broken in last update.
-Some other small improvements and bugfixes

Version 7 - 03.02.2023
-NEW: Charging screen in power off state
-Updated VHF-modem firmware to version 12
-Improved packet decoding
-Bugfix: Reduced current consumption in power off state
-Bugfix: Time offset with negative values don't work properly (please set your time offset again after this update)
-Change: Removed "Local time" text on main screen. Now it will only show "UTC" if no time offset is defined

Version 6 - 20.01.2023
-NEW: Time offset for clock (now you can show local time instead UTC).
-NEW: Last heard before "hh:mm:ss" when you select "OPEN" a station or follow the station. Time is updated as soon as a new packet is received from this station
-NEW: Backup (via file download) and restore (upload the file back) your frequency memory via "Web Config". You can make different backups for different regions and replace them easily
-Change: Improved AFSK signal decoding

Version 5 - 11.01.2023, more than 60 changes to previous version! Some of them are:
-Change: New design of virtual buttons
-Change: Removed fonts with serif for better readability.
-Change: less button delay
-Change: Disabled of packet decoding in TNC mode (will not shown on PicoAPRS screen)
-Change: Increased AX25 buffer frame size from 180 bytes to 530 bytes
-Change: faster LCD refresh rate
-Change: Extended the password field for your WiFi password from 30 characters to 60
-Change: Swapped the "Settings" icon with "SOS" icon
-Change: BT will now disable after 4 minutes instead of one minute
-Change: Send unacknowledged messages again at a random second instead of second '0' to avoid collisions with other radios doing the same.
-NEW: Added status and comment edit field to webconfig
-NEW: "Busy Data Channel Detection" (BDCD)
-NEW: TX delay after receiving a packet
-Bugfix: Removed SSID 0 from QR code of received stations
-Bugfix: Frequencies out of a step from 0.1250 MHz can not entered in web interface (now 0.0005MHz steps allowed)
-Bugfix: AX.25 paackets with less than 18 bytes was dropped.
-Bugfix: Menu GPS Satellites does not sow outdated information now
-Updated VHF-modem firmware to version 10
-Internal memory usage optimized
-Overall smoother user interface
-And a lot of small other changes and improvements

Version 4 - 27.12.2022

Version 3 - 26.12.2022
-Bugfixes and improvements
-NEW: added volume 0 (mute)

Version 2 - 20.12.2022
-Bugfixes and new features