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Changelog for PicoAPRS V1-V3 Firmware:

Updated User Manual available for download... (from V004 onwards)
Version 05.01.2023 (v022)
- Bugfix: Crash and reboot when receiving an empty status packet

Version 08.01.2023 (v021)
- Bugfix: Priority messages alerted as emergency

Version 24.11.2021 (v020)
- NEW: SEND & receive EMERGENCY type APRS position reports. Do NOT test on APRS Frequencies! If you send an emergency packet, receivers may play an alert sound or notification!

Version 12.09.2021 (v019)
- Bugfix: Transmitting altitude above 32,767m.

Version 26.12.2020 (v018)
- Bugfix: Detecting and decoding of compressed packets

Version 24.12.2020 (v017)
- NEW: Now supports receiving and decoding of APRS weather messages (not compressed packets)

Version 08.02.2020 (v016)
- NEW: Now supports receiving APRS bulletin messages (for receiving broadcast messages, for example: weather/fire/… alerts, Ham Radio Club news, events… Every OM can send ANY type of bulletin messages!). Set the bulletin name in menu: Messages -> Bulletin
- optimized internal RAM usage.

Version 10.07.2019 (v015)
- 6 Levels in Flappy Bird game. Starts easy and will be harder

Version 19.05.2019 (v014)
- NEW: Implemented stand allone "fill in digipeater" function! (Please note the laws in your country for use as a digipeater!). You can find this in menu "Device Mode" (was "USB Mode before!).
- Bugfix: Changed O to E in compass
- Reboot menu removed. Manual reboot by the user is not necessary. If you want to reboot manually, please remove the battery shortly.

Version 22.02.2019 (v013)
- Bugfix: GPS speedometer had a tiny instead of a big presentation in imperial- and nautical miles

Version 04.02.2019 (v012)
- Bugfix: Set of "mycall" was broken with V011, sorry!

Version 29.01.2019 (v011)
- New: Added: hashtag '#' to MSG character set for send tweets to twitter from PicoAPRS (just send a message to WA1GOV-10 for tweet from PicoAPRS!)
- New: Flappy bird game!

- New: Save last outgoing text message text and reuse after reboot
- Small bugfix

Version 20.09.2018 (v010)
- New: Added menu to change status text

Version 19.09.2018 (v009)
- Disabled automatic PATH setting to WIDE2-1 while using SSID 11 (example for aircrafts on ground level). WIDE2-1 will only be used automaticaly above 3000m (9248 feet)

Version 16.07.2018 (v008)
- New: Added "Serial out" to USB MODE. Received APRS data can "human read" via terminal and can also used for RX only with some APRS software
- Automatic changing path to WIDE2-1 set now to above 3000m because some cities are at very high altitude
- Added "/" to MYCALL and Destination Call (message) for some usecases
- Bugfix: Correct altitude reporting above 23000m (example for high hltitude balloons)

Version 12.02.2018 (v007)
- Bugfix: Beacon TX handling improved while slow moving (e.g. pedestrian / bicycle)
- Bugfix: GPS-powersave handling was buggy

Version 20.01.2018 (v006)
- Bugfix: Automatic path setting to WIDE2-1 when using SSID 11 was broken
- New: Also automatic path setting to WIDE2-1 above altitude of 1500m (4921 feet)

Version 06.01.2018 (v005)
- Some critical bugfixes and improvements

Version 08.10.2017 (v004)
- NEW: Powersave function. With this function, your PicoAPRS can remain in operation for several days!
Please refer to the instructions for this feature. Powersave is only activated when GPS Powersave is enabled AND reception of APRS packets is disabled.
In this mode the PicoAPRS works like an APRS Tracker
There is also a new "AutoPower" function. You can now choose between Auto Power OFF and Auto Powersaver.
These two modes are automatically activated when the USB power is disconnected. This is very helpful in vehicles with power supply via the cigarette lighter socket!
This allows you to locate your vehicle for days (when changing position).
- NEW: Automatic APRS Path change to only WIDE2-1 when using SSID 11! Do not Use SSID 11 if you not in a airplane or balloon!
- Optimized self calibration procedure at startup for better decoding. In the past, problems with decoding occurred when the PicoAPRS were rebooted or started with a very weak battery!
- Some other small bugfixes and improvements

Version 25.07.2017 (v003)
- NEW: Automatic keylock after 10 seconds without key press. You must enable this feature in "Auto Keylock" menu if you need this feature.
- Bugfixes

Version 15.06.2017 (v002)
- NEW on Version 2+: Morse received messages (set via menu "Morsecode")
- Bugfix: Detection of external power with disabled receiver
- Bugfix: Sending e-mail with aprs.fi links
- Removed Voltage after comment, because no benefit for user

Version 09.06.2017
- NEW: PicoAPRS can now check firmware updates via APRS Network!
-> if a new firmware is available, you will receive a message from PicoAPRS server (important: only possible if your iGate supports TX!)
- NEW: Save home menu -> show distance to old saved home
- NEW: New screen in GPS status menu -> Show distance and direction to home
- Message text size for outgoing messages increased to 63 characters (before 50)
- Bugfix: GPS ERROR message in GPS menu
- Bugfix: Closing menu immediately when reciving a message

Version 29.05.2017
- Bugfix: corrected message retry if you have sent more than 4 messages

Version 29.05.2017
- NEW: Send text messages to APRS stations or to e-Mail destinations!
- NEW: Send your aprs.fi link directly from PicoAPRS to a e-mail destination without PC, smartphone or internet. Just with entering the destination mail address!
- NEW: Easy reply to incomming messages with pre defined or individual text
- NEW: Follow station
- NEW: Compass
- A lot of internal improvements and bugfixes
- A new user manual (for new features) will available for download in next days!

Version 08.05.2017
- Bugfix: Big speedometer presentation
- Bugfix: Key-beep
- Bugfix: Processing unsupported packets

Version 05.05.2017
- NEW: Big speedometer (menu GPS Status, page 3)
- NEW: Decoding of received APRS packets with GPS sentences (example $GPGGA or $GPRMC)
- NEW: 2 digits precision for near stations distance
- NEW: Battery voltage is submitted with your comment (only while running with battery power, every 10. packet)
- NEW: New units "nautical" (NM / kn)
- Bugfix: Allow at least 4 characters for own callsign (before at least 5 characters!)
- Some other small optiization

Version 23.04.2017
- NEW: Altitude information is now includet in sent packets. You should save your home location again (will store altitude)
- Show two decimal digits from distance of received stations, if distance lower than 10km/10mi
- Bugfix: If your longitude bigger than 127 (example: Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Japan, Korea...), location was not sent correctly!
- Bugfix: Automatic APRS PATH (ARISS). If you working on 145.825 Mhz via ISS (International Space Station). You only must set frequency to 145.8250 to work via ISS (only when ISS passes your location! Check this for example here: www.heavens-above.com).
- Bugfix: Processing received unsupported packets
- Some other small bugfixes and improvements

Version 20.03.2017
- Some optimization and bugfixes
- Improved RX decoding for loud transmitters

Version 02.03.2017
- improved RX packet decoding! Now mostly 100%. Nearly no packet loss any more!
- Transmit actual position when auto powering off. So the position on map is correct when you leave your car!
- Improvements on Autopower
- NEW: Added your own APRS symbol to main screen, so you can see what is actually set if you change between human and car...
- NEW: Added your own course to main screen (after your speed)
- Reduced CPU load
- Added yacht/sailboat symbol
- Some other improvements and bugfixes

Version 22.02.2017
- Send beacon every 50 meter if your GPS accuracy is high and you defined human or bike as APRS symbol and not faster than 30 km/h
- Added 30s delay for auto shutdown after shutdown usb power source (example in car). You can cancel auto shutdown with keypress within 30s.

Version 17.02.2017
- NEW: AutoPower ON/OFF. Device can now automaticaly shut down after disconnecting USB pwr and start when pwr is connected to usb. Now you can use PicoAPRS in your car with USB pwr fully automaticaly without need to pwr OFF and ON every time if your usb charger is controled from cars ignition.
- Some bugfixes
- NEW: blinking eyes when you pwr off PicoAPRS

Version 13.01.2017
- NEW: Added imperial/metric selection in menu for speed and distance.

Version 12.01.2017
ATTENTION! If you have saved your home location before, you have to store it again after this update beacuse i changed the internal format for following features!
- TX beacon every 30 minutes also if your location does not change. If you have a valid GPS position, this will be sent. If not, the last received GPS position will be send. And if this also not known and ONLY if you use a HOUSE as APRS symbol, the previously saved HOME location will send every 30 Minutes. Even without GPS fix.
- Button debounce time is lower, so you can use the buttons faster.
- If display is off while screensaver is on and battery goes empty: Display will enabled to show "low batt" before shut down
- NEW: option to set TX interval to OFF (no beacon will send (also not every 30 minutes!), only for receiving)
- Again some small bugfixes and optimizations

Version 07.01.2017
- Optimization: Increased TX audio volume for increasing TX range. (Feedback welcome!)
- Bugfix: Modified command handling for USB port. So you can use more Terminal Programs now!

Version 26.12.2016
- Bugfix: Some beacon comment relevant fixes
- Some different small Bugfixes