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Changelog for PicoAPRS-Lite Firmware:

Version 25.07.2021 (v010)
- bugfix: transmitting altitude above 32,767m (sorry, was not fixed fully with V008!)
- change: removed PATH above 9000m completely

Version 22.05.2021 (v009)
- change: reduced altitude from 5000m to 4000m for automatic path change (new: below 4000m WIDE1-1, WIDE 2-2 and above 4000m WIDE1-1)

Version 10.07.2020 (v008)
- bugfix: transmitting altitude above 32,767m

Version 22.11.2019 (v007)
- bugfix: No TX if your callsign is only 4 characters long.

Version 05.08.2019 (v006)
- bugfix: airborn prohibition zone over UK was too large a definition. This could prevent the sending of position data in the air from Europe.

Version 19.05.2019 (v005)
- bugfix: transmitting altitude above 64km
- Small improvements